It is natural to experience a loss of control and be puzzled about what steps to take after being charged with a crime. We spend the time necessary to get to know you and develop a defence strategy for you. Providing you with a comprehensive defence strategy so that you may move forwards with assurance

Mistakes in Court Have Serious Consequences

Unexpected sentence 

Going to court without being aware of the range of penalties that might be imposed could result in you unexpectedly have a period of imprisonment imposed.

Saying the wrong thing

You may not mean to, but saying the wrong things in court can change or increase your sentence.

Convictions being recorded 

You may have an avoidable conviction recorded on your criminal history.

Criminal Law Case Assessment

When the judge is handing down the verdict or sentence, you want to be certain every possible option has been covered. You do not want to be standing there not having any idea what will happen next or wishing you had looked at different options.


Starting with your Criminal Law Case Assessment, we plan your defence strategy with you. With our guidance, you make the choices with a clear understanding of the consequences and prepare for the trial and sentence. We execute your instructions giving you confidence and clarity over the result. Don't be standing in court wishing you had done more to protect yourself.

Criminal Law Case Assessment

$140 - $170
  • Review of police materials
  • Review of charges and the law
  • Review of your criminal history
  • Identification of risk factors
  • Lawyers Action Items
  • Your Action items
  • Identification of police case weaknesses
  • The process explained
  • Your questions and concerns answered

Why have a Case Assessment? 

At Murray Torcetti Lawyers, we believe an initial consultation should be more than a reading of the police materials and a summary of the advice.


Before you attend our office we have obtained the charges, reviewed the materials, and mapped out your possible plan of attack. When you sit down with our lawyers we have taken the time to consider what your "worst and best case" is.


The lawyer will explain what they will be doing to defend you and your list of action items preparing for both the best and worst scenario giving you clarity and peace of mind.


The charges won't magically disappear, but the knot in your stomach and the fear of the unknown will.

You don't have to feel powerless and lost

At Murray Torcetti Lawyers we know you are the kind of person who wants to be confident about their legal defence strategy and team. In order to be that way, you need a lawyer who listens to what your concerns are and plans the approach to get you there.


The problem is, often after being charged you don't know where to start which makes you feel hopeless and powerless. We believe criminal defence lawyers should not just vigorously defend people but shoulder as much of burden as we can.


We understand the constant stress that is attached to having to defend your reputation and freedom. That's why we spend time to prepare, plan and execute a defence and mitigation strategy keeping you updated the whole time.


Here is how it works:


Step 1, book a conference with our lawyers. (what happens behind the scenes after you book a meeting with us)


Step 2, attend a Case Assessment plan.


Step 3, leave us to attend court and defend you while you work on your action items from the Case Assessment.


Stop losing sleep due to that knot in your stomach and start having control over your future give Murray Torcetti Lawyers a call now.

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