MTL Team 2021

Meet the Team

Writing corporate blither about how great we are is about as fun as eating cardboard for the author and the reader. But, as lawyers, we are compelled to at least pretend we are like everyone else until you meet us in person and discover why our clients rave about us. Or at least see just how flattering the "profile pictures" are, they were very generous with how much hair Victor and James have.
VDM profile

Solicitor & Director

Victor-David Murray

Succession / Wills & Estates / Commercial law / Defending Industrial Prosecutions

Almost as good at Wills & Estates as he is annoying his wife with new hobbies. Including but not limited to: Glass blowing, steel working, bee keeping and brewing mead.

Solicitor & Director 

Criminal Defence / Domestic Violence 

Rarely seen without a mobile fused to his hand. If he is not talking to clients or editing Victor's profile he is torturing the MTL Team with his taste in music.

0450 280 778


Criminal Defence / Domestic Violence / Wills & Estates 

Stealthy sense of humor, which is needed because he once bragged about his "level 80" status in World of Warcraft.

0416 490 156

TA Profile

Office Lieutenant

Tai Atu

100% can and does heard cats (which is easy compared to managing Victor, James, Miles and Grant)

Em Profile pic v 2

Law Clerk

Emily Deadman

Nerds out on the law for the lawyers. Allergic to cats, still adopted a cat.