Breaching a Domestic Violence Order

With an increased focus on domestic violence, more orders are being made by the courts resulting in more and more people being charges with breaching orders.

Have You Been Charged With Breaching a Domestic Violence Order?

All Domestic Violence orders made in Queensland have at least one standard condition being "that the respondent must be of good behaviour towards the aggrieved and not commit domestic violence against the aggrieved". This condition has a very low threshold to for a conviction to be successful. "Good behaviour" is a very wide term and even small and seemingly insignificant actions can be found to breach the order. Yelling, throwing things, name calling (even in response to being called names) and acts of a similar nature are often charged by the police.

The scope of sentencing for a breach of domestic violence is very broad. The offence could receive the lowest possible penalty of an absolute discharge at one end and a number of years to be served in a correctional facility at the higher end. The sentence will depend on a large number of factors. You and your lawyer will sit down and work though the best plan for your circumstance and the facts to determine how to achieve the best result for you.

Murray Torcetti Lawyers prepare a Defence Assessment for all our clients. More information about the Defence Assessment can be found here.

What do the police need to prove beyond reasonable doubt?

Some of the things the lawyers will be aware of

Case Notes for Breaching a Domestic Violence Order

What can you do if you are pleading guilty?

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