MTL Values

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If your legal matters were a car, you would be the driver, we would be the body and our values are the engine.

Servant Stewardship

We are not the champion of our client’s story. They are. Our clients are fully aware of all the benefits and consequences of each decision they make.  Our role is to map the possible futures, provide accurate and pragmatic advice and give effect to their instructions.

Proactive Advocacy

An active approach to matters to see a resolution. Where possible and in the interests of the client MTL advances the interests of our clients ahead of schedule. We do not wait for external pressures to progress a matter.


Colleagues, clients and everyone we come in contact will leave any interaction with MTL staff feeling respected. An adversarial legal system does not need to sour interpersonal relationships. A friendly collegiate approach to the task at hand is the starting point.

 Our People.

Recognising the at times intense, and ever-present pressure inherent to legal services, MTL allows scope for flexibility of work arrangements, fosters humour and a sense of novelty wherever possible. If our People are happy, valued and supported our clients reap the benefits of better representation.

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