MTL Values

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If your legal matters were a car, you would be the driver, we would be the body and our values are the engine.

Servant Stewardship

We're not the heroes of our clients' tales—they are. Our clients remain well-informed of the pros and cons of every decision they face. We simply sketch out potential outcomes, deliver no-nonsense advice, and execute their directives to a T.

Proactive Advocacy

We take the initiative in seeking resolutions. Whenever it benefits our clients, MTL forges ahead of the timeline. We won't twiddle our thumbs waiting for external forces to nudge us along.


Whether it's colleagues, clients, or any soul we cross paths with, all will walk away from interactions with MTL staff feeling valued. A combative legal system needn't spoil human connections. We embrace a congenial, cooperative approach as our jumping-off point.

 Our People.

Acknowledging the often high-octane and ever-looming pressures of the legal world, MTL offers flexible working arrangements and cultivates a playful, light-hearted atmosphere. When our team is content, appreciated, and backed up, our clients reap the rewards of superior representation.

A Spark of Fun and Humour

We understand that law is serious business, yet we also know that levity and laughter have a place alongside meticulousness and intensity. This isn't trivializing important matters; rather, it's about finding balance and maintaining humanity amidst the tension. A shared joke can act as a pressure release valve, a quick smile can kindle warmth in stressful moments, and a hearty laugh can bond us closer than a thousand formal words. By cultivating an atmosphere ripe with a sense of humour, we keep our spirits buoyant and our minds sharp, leading to a richer, more relatable MTL experience for everyone involved.

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